Simple Style, Elegantly, and Easy Going

Sabtu, 23 Februari 2013

Hang Out with My Geographys Friend

Last saturday, my friends was graduation, so I have to to attended the ceremony in Gor UNY. I was so happy because I met all my geography's friends. After the meeting we chatted and took pictures together. At that time was so hot, so me and friends dicided to go to Galeria mall. Because we will be treated by Eka Wili who have birthday on that day.
my geographys friends
We hanging out and joke together, I seem to miss things like this. After we lunch, we have giving Fullo's chocolate from man whose promotion. I think is goodly, hehe.
beside on Galeria
take more picture
my name is amin fitriyah

my simple style
After taking a picture, and then we go back to yanti boardinghouse, and I was so happy. I conclude that it is my Saturday whose happy and colorfully.

Jumat, 15 Februari 2013

Mix of blue and orange simple style

At first, I'm going to attend my friend's wedding. As usual I have to prepare my style cloth. And this is a result, HeHe ^ ^
blue abaya
orange cardigan
a little chocolate bag
How do you think about my style, maybe you can leave some comment for me. Thankyou for visiting my blog. I will be happy if you want to leave some opinions for me. See you with the next style.

Simple Brown Abaya

Hello friends
This is a second
my post. I'll show you a simple style clothes anymore. Maybe just look like a ordinary style. But here I'am. and I will study hard to understand about fashion.
brown abaya
rectangular scarf brown
wallet from the Dayak tribe
That's all I can share. See you on the next simple style. Thank you for visiting this blog. Bye-Bye ^ ^

Purple style simple

Hello guys, it is my new blog and I will show you about my simple style
simple style
you can action everything
you can smile for everyone
It is my simple style, maybe you're more clever in style clothing