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Jumat, 17 Mei 2013

My Plain Purple Scarf

Hello guys, How are you?? I hope I will a new follower in my blog, hehe (just a dream ^ ^)
Although there has been no followers on my blog, but I will always write my post. Today, I accompanied my sister to the Post Office, it's so classic, is'nt it? Because there is just a little person who comes to the Post Office, maybe the development of technology causing mail delivery to be deserted. And in yard of Post Office is very quiet too, and I think the Post Office have been closed, HaHa. So to entertain myself I take my picture HaHaHa ^ ^

unbranded brown bag
brown leather shoes classic
plain purple scarf
jas hitam klasik
I think I just want to share about my activities for today, Thanks. I will happy if one of you want to comment on my post and be a follower on my blog, hehe ^ ^.